Powerstick: Touch Tool - Minimum order 50 pieces

Powerstick: Touch Tool - Minimum order 50 pieces

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White PowerStick Touch Tool - Designed in Canada / Made in China Available in durable lightweight plastic Dims approx 4.00” x 1.25” x 0.35”

The perfect tool for life after COVID19.  Reduce the spread of germs Touchfree door opener - Touchfree button pusher Slim & compact design for keychain
Use the TouchTool to enter pins or make small selections like those at the gas pump.

Use the TouchTool to lift things that you don’t want to touch. Lift open the mailbox.
When in doubt, use the TouchTool as a hook to carry things like grocery or takeout bags.

From $4.69 each with one side imprint.  Minimum order 50 pieces

Please included required Pantone colors

Allow 2 weeks for delivery

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